Scientific and Academic Consultancy

The ARQUEOBIOS directors and specialists have contributed at the chairs of ethno zoology, ethnobotany, and prehispanic resources and sustenance, by means of theoretical and practical lecturing, implementation of archaeological workshops and conferencing for the biology, archaeology and anthropology students of the National University “Universidad Nacional” of Trujillo (Peru).

The ARQUEOBIOS has offered technical assistance and infrastructure for the bioarchaeological analyses of pre-professional student practices at the Archaeology School (“Escuela de Arqueología”) of the Faculty of Social Sciences (“Facultad de Ciencias Sociales”) at Trujillo National University (“Universidad Nacional de Trujillo”; UNT), Peru. Support for Degree Thesis for archaeology and anthropology students. Technical support and advisor for Master Thesis and Doctorate Thesis for students at the Montreal University (1998 to 2000), Tokyo University (2001, 2005 and 2006), New Mexico University (2002), Columbia University (2005), Yale University (2006), Pittsburgh University (2006), Free University of Berlín (1998), Denver University (1998 to 2006) y Metropolitan State College of Denver (1998 to 2006).


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