Goals and Commitments

The Andean Center of Archaeological and Paleontological Research (“Centro de Investigaciones Arqueobiológicas y Paleoecológicas Andinas”; ARQUEOBIOS) has the following goals and commitments:

a).- Contribute to a better understanding of the economic and cultural aspects of the Andean prehistory by mean of bioarchaeological and paleoecological research.

b).- APatronage and promotion of research, events and publications that generate information for a better understanding and dissemination of the bioarchaeological and paleoecological research carried out in the Andean area.

c).- Collection, interchange and dissemination of the scientific information available on bioarchaeological and paleoecological research on the Andean area.

d).- Promotion and dissemination of the activities carried out on behalf of the general community for a better understanding and valorization of our past, including the natural resources, technology and genetic biodiversity, as well as improvement of the living status of the general community.

e).- Rescue and dissemination of the prehispanic agriculture and livestock paleotechnologies to contribute to the country development.

f).- Establishment of scientific links with related institutions on the above activities.


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