Editorial Board

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Víctor F. Vásquez Sánchez (ARQUEOBIOS)


Teresa E. Rosales Tham (National University of Trujillo, Peru)
Gabriel Dorado Pérez (University of Córdoba, Spain)
Eduardo Corona Martinez (INAH, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico)
Cesar Galvez Mora (Ministry of Culture, Trujillo, Peru)
Isabel Rey Fraile (National Museum of Natural Sciences, Madrid, Spain)


Daniel S. Otiniano Q. (National University of Trujillo, Peru)


Journal of Applied Sciences
Annual Publication
Legal Deposit in the National Library of Peru Nº. 2007-07279
Research Center and Paleoecological Archaeobiological Andean "ARQUEOBIOS"
PO Box 595, Trujillo, Peru
Phone: +51-44-949585847
URL: http://www.arqueobios.org


DIALNET indexed University of Rioja, Spain and DOAJ
(Directory Open Acces Journal) of the University of Lund
EBSCO Publishing, ARCHAEOBIOS The Journal is included in the catalog
LATINDEX (Page 20 163) Electronics ISSN 1996-5214

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